Telecommunication Equipment Recycling

The telecommunication industry is based on transferring voice, data, text, sound and video. The number of electronic and electrical components needed to do this is massive; from transmitters and receivers to power amplifiers, antennas, cables, DSL equipment, satellites, telephones, mobile devices, routers, modems and mainframes.

These devices can all be broken down into commodities that can be recycled.
Whether operational or not, the proper management of these devices is critical to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and guarantee confidential data destruction.

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Electronic waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury found in landfill. [Greenpeace, The E Waste Problem]. Today’s businesses often use complex computing and telecommunication networks that contain dozens of specific devices that are recyclable at the end of their lives. Telecommunication equipment often incorporates many of the components that computers and other IT equipment contain.

For example the average Base Transceiver Station (BTS) has a large quantity of recyclable material that can be quite complex to disassemble into separate components.

While every piece of equipment is constructed differently from a variety of materials, common commodities that can be pulled from networking equipment include nonferrous metals, aluminum, copper, shredded plastics, mainframes, networking cards, digital boards and more.

If eWaste, such as Telecommunication Equipment is sent to landfill rather than being recycled, poisonous substances can leach from the decomposing waste into the environment. These substances can seep into groundwater, contaminate soil and enter the food chain. If people come into contact with these toxins, there is a high risk that they may develop health problems such as respiratory ailments, reproductive, developmental and nervous system problems.

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What is Telecommunication Equipment Recycling?

When a company decides to upgrade to a newer telecommunications system, the old system should be removed by a professional electronics recycling company who will deal with the disposal of the equipment.

Telecommunications Recycling involves first attempting to reuse and refurbish any equipment that is still in good working order. Equipment that cannot be reused or refurbished is typically separated so that any working components can be identified and repurposed. The remaining materials will then be broken down to be recycled with an aim of being reused in the manufacturing of other products.

Benefits of Telecommunication Equipment Recycling

There are several benefits to both the environment and the community of recycling your telecommunication equipment, such as:

  • Valuable materials are recovered from old electronics and used to make new products, which saves energy, reduces pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and saves resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.
  • Recycling Telecommunication Equipment saves landfill space.
  • It protects your surroundings by reducing the chance of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury seeping into the environment.
  • It benefits the community by passing on ready-to-use or refurbished equipment to those who need it
  • It creates jobs for recyclers and refurbishers, as well as creating new markets for the valuable components that are dismantled.

Why Choose eWastec?

eWastec is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in electronic waste recycling. We serve businesses across the telecommunication equipment industry including wired and wireless telecommunications carriers, telecommunications resellers, satellite telecommunications, and cable and other program distribution 

“Earth Conscious. Community focused.”

At eWastec, we manually process all eWaste that we receive in order to ensure the quality and number of parts that we can recover. Our manual processing also gives us the chance top provide employment opportunities for those in the community who need it most through our disability program.

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