Depending on the quantity and quality of the eWaste material you own, there may be a value attached to your electronic waste assets.

We can schedule a free site evaluation to determine whether your assets can generate revenue for your company through recycling with eWastec.

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Computer/Laptop Recycling

As one of the world’s highest users of computers,  Australia has a growing computer and laptop waste issue as new models supersede old technology.

Mobile Phone Recycling

The proliferation of mobile phone makes this an increasingly important part of recycling. We collect SIMM cards, mobile phone and tablet chargers/accessories.

Television Recycling

Electronic waste is produced at up to three times that of normal household waste production, and TVs are a huge source of this waste.

Printer/Photocopier Recycling

There are a significant number of parts and non-renewable resources that can be recycled and reused in printers and photocopiers for other IT devices.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Electronics and electrical equipment include a huge range of non-renewable metals such as copper, aluminium and brass that can be reused.

Data Destruction

We ensure we protect the privacy of your data in electronic waste by destroying the hardware (if required) as we process the eWaste materials.